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mrpeteparker replied to your post:why would you do that lip thing?!?…
DONT say stuff like that

about the lip or about the pussy?

+mrpeteparker;  +specifics alex specifics;  +lmfao i know what alex is day dreaming about rn;  +so fucking horny for aaron's dick smh pull yourself together alex;  

why would you do that lip thing?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

+i bet he eats pussy like a champ;  

Chris Evans and Aaron Taylor-Johnson attend Marvel’s Hall H Panel for Avengers: Age Of Ultron during Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego.

+i don't ship real people;  +i don't;  +I DON'T;  +keep it together nat;  +keep it together;  +babe: chris evans;  +gasping dick;  +bucket list;  


nat i found an aaron johnson fanfic for you please read it 

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+this is the single greatest thing i've ever read;  +i can't;  +im fucking crying;  +and my cat is looking at me all funny;  +because i bursted out laughing;  +idk he's an actor they travel alot;  +it just killed me;  +im dead;  +I JUST READ IT FOR A SECOND TIME AND OMG ALEX YOU FUCKING IDIOT;  +DON'T TELL THE INTERNET;  +OMG;  +DON*T;  +TELLL;  +TEH INTERNET;  +SADFJKLDGHUERFGGHGHGH!!!!!;  +FUCKING IDIOT I LOVE YOU;  +im still laughing i can't stop every line is gold;  


papawolfjoel is literally the highlight of my dash

i don’t know what i did but i’ll take it


+OMG;  +he is so salty about the first movie;  +poor baby im so so sorry;  +babe: jeremy renner;  +bucket list;  

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I need more blogs to follow. But, i still look for quality. If you don’t have a tagging system im not gonna follow. It’s nothing personal. Also if you like and I don’t end up following do not take it personally, im really picky (I only follow 75 blogs atm).

Im gonna reblog this for a couple of days.

+lol tomorrow will be the last day i'll do this;  

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"I would like to do any way possible that Howard Stark can make a return. He’s such a fun character to play, and I really believe that he could make quite an exciting character to watch more of. The flawed entrepreneur, the kind of crazy playboy, from that era is an exciting concept." - Dominic Cooper

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